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Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc

AACHP Registered Members


The following practitioners have met the criteria for current practising membership of the AACHP:


Alan Palmer 

Alfred Podhorodecki

Anastasia Konis

Andrew Reay

Anita Pfleger

Ann Beck

Belinda Hulstrom

Brenda McMahon

Brian Gunst

Carol Giles

Christina Brockdorff

David Dixon

Dean Coleman

Dean Efthimiou

Fiona Duncan
Gary Johnston

George Kanellopoulos

Georgina Williams

Giulia Tassone

Helen Kasapis

Jackie Cimino

James Gibbs

Jim Osborn

John Coates

John James

John Tait


Karen Cook

Ken Trickett

Lauren Hoban

Lionel Shepheard

Luigi Romanelli

Marcus Godward

Margaret Smith

Marlee Read

Martin Crees-Morris

Merv Edmunds

Michele Pavey-Laumen

Michelle Church

Mike Clarkson

Natalie Botte

Nigel Oman

Patricia Fernandes

Peter Rensburg

Phillip Herbert

Prudence Bartels

Ray Goslin

Robyn Terpkos

Roz Oliver

Sandra Williams

Sophie Kasapis

Terry Suckling

Valerie Tompsett

Vivien Birch


  • The AACHP also has a number of student members, who, upon successful completion of their studies, may apply for practising membership and there can be a slight delay between granting of their practising membership status and their appearance in the above list of practising members. 
  • All practising members are issued with a current Certificate of Membership at the start of each financial year and will either have this certificate displayed in their consulting room or should be able to show this certificate to you upon request as verification of their membership status. 

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information provided on this website, please be aware that the administration of information received from new applicants and current members means that, from time to time, there can be a delay in adding or removing one or more names from the list of practising members. Please contact the AACHP directly at [email protected] for confirmation of a practitioner's membership status. 

If you are aware of any person claiming to be a full practising member of the AACHP whose name does not appear on this list and who is unable to verify their membership status to you, please contact the AACHP immediately so that appropriate action may be taken. You can contact us by using this enquiry form or sending an email directly to [email protected]

Please find below profiles of some of our registered members, many of which include links to their own websites which you will find very informative.

AACHP is a Member Association of the National Peak Body for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia 

Upcoming Events

AACHP CPE Seminars

As a not-for-profit members' association, we are pleased to offer our CPE Seminars for a nominal fee of only $5 for AACHP members and for non-members who are current students* of Clinical Hypnotherapy and/or Psychotherapy.

*Evidence of current enrolment is required, otherwise the non-member fee of $25 will be applicable for each CPE Seminar.


DISCLAIMER: All AACHP members are required to adhere to strict membership criteria including ongoing training but are solely responsible for the therapy conducted in their own private practices. AACHP is not in any way responsible for the methodologies employed or for the outcome of any therapy.

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